Apply for Student Spin Access

Spin offers discounted rates to eligible students including Pell Grant recipients. You will be asked to provide documentation indicating your eligibility. In addition to a grant letter, Spin will also accept a letter from your institution indicating your inclusion in a low-income program and current year status, a paid invoice for the current year, or a dashboard screenshot from that indicates your current year eligibility.

We need your email to send you your magic link. Please double-check that you've got your email right so that you may receive your link.
We need your phone number to verify your account in case there's an issue with your email.
The Student Spin Access program is available in the following campuses:
We need this information to verify that you are eligible to participate in Spin’s Student Spin Access program. Please submit a photo of your facility identification card that clearly shows your full name.
We need your ID to verify that it matches your proof of participation in a student low-income program. Please attach a Driver’s License or other State-issued ID that clearly shows your full name.
PLEASE NOTE: Only one code is permitted per user. Multiple applications will be rejected, and your account may be suspended. You will be charged for time ridden after 30 minutes and if you take more than five rides per day.